Alvaro Lladser, PhD


Dr. Lladser studied the secondary education at Instituto Nacional “General José Miguel Carrera” between 1989 and 1994. Then in 1995, he entered the Universidad de Chile to obtain a degree in Biochemistry in 2000 and the Master degree in 2003.

He performed the Master’s thesis at the Laboratory of Gene Pharmacotherapy with Dr. Yedy Israel and Dr. Amalia Sapag working with antisense oligonucleotides to target the ALDH2 gene as a potential therapy for alcoholism.

Then, Dr. Lladser started the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences at Universidad de Chile sponsored by a Conicyt fellowship, obtaining the PhD degree in 2007. The PhD thesis was performed at Dr. Andrew Quest lab working on the development of DNA vaccine targeting survivin, a universal tumor antigen.

Then, he moved to Stockholm, Sweden in October, 2007 to start his Postdoctoral training at the Cancer Center Karolinska (CCK) (Karolinska Institutet) sponsored by the fellowship Beca Presidente de la República. There, Dr. Lladser worked in the Gene and Immune Therapy Unit with Dr. Rolf Kiessling developing novel genetic adjuvants for cancer DNA vaccines.

In 2010, Dr. Lladser moved back to Chile to continue his career as independent scientist at the Fundación Ciencia para la Vida as Associate Researcher and Principal Investigator of the Laboratory of Immunoncology.