Eureka Program

Can we predict earthquakes? Does genetically modified food have any consequences on human health? What is the molecular substrate of memory and how do we integrate information in our brains? How does our body face the attack of pathogens? In the Eureka Program scientists work together with teachers and filmmakers to explore these scientific questions and more, and to produce multimedia educational products able to bring science closer to students, their teachers and the community at large.

Our creations include interactive materials, videogames, animations and TV series, several of which have been recognized with international awards. In addition, we have organized workshops for the school teacher in Chile, Perú and Bolivia, which share our products and their applications in the classroom.

Over the last five years, we’ve had 300 teachers in attendance. Our materials are distributed continuously and freely through open, regional and cable TV channels as well as on our website and other Internet educational platforms.

Video Games

The production of video games in Fundación is our strategy to bring science closer to youths and teachers. Xentinelas Xelulares, through which students can learn about immunology, recently received the First Prize at the VI Prix Jeaunnesse Iberoamericano (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and is being translated into Portuguese.

OUCH!, our most recent production, is a game designed for 9-12 year-olds to facilitate their learning of anatomy and physiology. OUCH! won the XIX International Competition of Health and Medicine, Videomed in Bajadoz, Spain (2014).

Animated Miniseries

To invite children to the world of science, we have created two animated miniseries. In the three seasons of Exploradores de Otro Mundo, we meet Ursi and Magnogeek, two aliens that have accidentally landed on Planet Earth. Through their expeditions together, they show kids the mysteries of neuroscience, immunology, earth science, extremophiles and others.

Las Aventuras de Ruka y los Tesoros del Mar tells the story of Ruka, a boy with a magic shell and a fascination with the teeming waters of our submarine world. A 10 episode miniseries, these adventures are intended for pre-school age children.

TV Series

We believe high-quality and wide-spread TV programming is a way to delivery science right into the home. We have co-produced a total of seven TV series for large audiences and our latest productions include La Fuerza de la Tierra, La Fuerza del Mar and La Fuerza del Aire. These documentaries portray the research conducted by Chilean scientists in the fields of geology, oceanography and climatology. Most recently, the second season of Mentes Brillantes was launched, a TV docu-reality series about the life and work of Chile’s national science award winners.

Interactive Educational Materials

The Eureka Program has produced more than 60 multimedia educational materials. These include an interactive encyclopedia for school age children, a series about Chilean astronomers exploring the universe and a collection of documentaries about our national science prize laureates. Additional materials document the work of scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of biology in
Chile and abroad.

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