Educational Programs

In 2004, thanks to our interactions with UCSF, the DeRisi lab taught in Chile a Microarray Course and trained a group of Chilean scientists. Our researchers not only learned the theory behind this technology but were also able to build and use the same robot that the DeRisi lab used to discovered the type of virus producing the SARS epidemic. Since those days, this technology has been essential for several of our research areas.

In 2008, together with Fundación EcoScience , and to promote science education and development in South America, as well as to celebrate the recent publication of the fifth edition of the book, the authors of the book ‘Molecular Biology of the Cell made a speaking tour in Chile. They were received enthusiastically by standing-room-only crowds of students, biologists, and medical doctors. The authors gave talks on their scientific research, on science education and development issues, as well as on more personal topics, such as why and how they became scientists. The lecture tour attracted considerable media attention and the interests of politicians. Different media outlets published 10 articles about the authors, who were referred to as the “Beatles of Cell Biology.” The book was released in Chile, in Santiago and in Antarctica, and also in Argentina and Uruguay.

We also established collaboration with iBioSeminars, a novel education program created by the American Society for Cell Biology and UCSF to allow researchers around the world to have access to outstanding seminars that describe exciting advances in biology. Through this collaboration, our Fundación, together with Fundación EcoScience, are translating this seminars for the Latin American community.