Encuentros Conferences: Connecting Chileans Abroad

Organized every year by our dedicated staff, this program is 100 percent networking driven, connecting Chilean researchers, postdoctoral fellows and students working abroad, to a culturally diverse group of researchers, entrepreneurs, science-based senior executives and other reputable leaders in science, academia and politics. The first meeting took place in 2006 in Dresden. Since then, annual Encuentros Conferences have been organized and held in prestigious universities, with an increasing number of participants from a wide variety of disciplines: Milan in 2007, Göttingen in 2009, Cambridge, in 2010, Berkeley in 2011, Paris in 2012, Boston in 2013, Santiago in 2014 , Rotterdam in 2015 and Barcelona in 2016. The Encuentros Conferences have evolved as a privileged space for the exchange of knowledge, allowing for discussion among specialists from wide-ranging disciplines in order to generate new ideas, build international networks and contribute to the development of research projects based on academic cooperation with both public and private actors.