Other International Initiatives

Chile invita a Chile

This program is an important aspect of our networking efforts. Chilean investigators and students working or studying abroad are invited to Chile to present their work and to explore job opportunities and potential collaborations with scientists based in Chile. Since 2002, nearly 50 Chileans from abroad have traveled back to visit Fundación. They have given seminars and interacted closely with our scientists and students. Three of the most recent young scientists to join Fundación were initially invited through this program.

Red Bionova

Redbionova is a web-based network focused on Life Sciences that promotes global research collaborations and bio-entrepreneurship in Chile. The members of Redbionova have access to valuable resources. Available to them are public and private research finance opportunities, job postings and resume/CV postings and a communication line to renowned senior investigators working in the fields of academia, research, government, entrepreneurship and industry in Chile.