Translational Research


How do our cells sense and respond to internal and external signals? They use very sophisticated networks of molecules known as intracellular signaling pathways. These pathways are not only important for normal cells but also for cells that are at the center of disease conditions. Therefore, the pharmacological modulation of these networks could be a way to develop novel therapies to treat critically ill patients with diseases for which there are limited treatment options. Our lab, which is composed of a unique group of cell biologists, biochemists, pharmacologists and chemists, focuses on the validation and modification of known signaling pathways that can be involved in diseases. Our goal is to bring projects from the bench to the clinic and minimize the time to do so. This approach has been successfully applied to the approval of enzalutamide, a recent drug developed for the treatment of prostate cancer.


Group Leader: Javier Guerrero, PhD

Research Scientists: Eduardo Riquelme, PhD • Gonzalo Ureta, PhD • Iván Alfaro, PhD • Jennifer Alfaro, PhD • Luz Delgado, PhD(c).

Research Assistants: Luis Gómez • Ainoa Fernandez • Alexandra Córdova • Cledi Cerda • Daniela Quezada • Felipe Pérez de Arce • Glenda Fuentealba • Ingrid Parejas • Javiera De La Cruz • Ma Elizabeth Torres • Ma Jesús Benito • Natalia Valerio • Olivia Farías • Pablo Barra • Patricio Ávila • Simón Carrilo • Felipe Olivares • Katherine Stack • Yasna Venegas • Rodrigo Alarcón.

Technical Assistants: Alfredo Ferrera • Claudia Acuña • Eduardo Beltrán • Odette Ibañez • Erika Vera.

PhD Students: Gonzalo Nuñez • Juan Hormazabal • Sebastián Belmar


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