Andes Biotechnologies


The aim of Andes Biotechnologies is to carry out research and development of novel propietary anticancer therapies based on the inactivation of newly discovered non-coding RNA targets by short antisense oligonucleotides. The company was started in 2008 partially funded by local venture capital. Andes has a portfolio of more than 25 granted patents in key pharmaceutical markets around the world, covering the diagnostic and therapeutic use of the technology, which has the potential to selectively eliminate tumor cells of many cancers without harming normal cells. The company has a management team with extensive experience in biotechnology research and drug development, including successfully patenting and registering products marketed in the U.S. and Europe.

In September 2015, Andes received the “all clear” from the FDA to start its Phase I Clinical Trial at UCSF under the supervision of Dr. Pamela Munster. While this event is not directly related to a tech transfer activity, Andes Biotechnologies has been positioning itself as an interesting target company for a licensing/trade-sale deal with a larger (pharma or biotech) player. In fact, several informal discussions with reputable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies have taken place already. Andes is awaiting more results of the clinical trial in order to continue the conversation aiming to securing a deal or a further round of financing.


CEO: Cristian Hernandez

Board Members

  • Arturo Yudelevich
  • Pablo Valenzuela
  • Luis Burzio
  • Alexander Seelenberger
  • Felipe Camposano