Phage Technologies


Phage Technologies is a biotech startup founded by undergraduate students from Fundación in 2010. The company has discovered and developed a novel application of bacteriophages as feed grade additive to reduce the use of antibiotics in the livestock industry. Its flagship product is FAGOLAC®, a selected cocktail of phages that prevent gastrointestinal infections by pathogenic bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella, thus improving productivity and overall health of the animals. In 2017, the company signed a Global Distribution Agreement with Bayer Animal Health for the delivery of the product overseas.


CEO: Hans Pieringer

Board Members:

  • Juan Manuel Sepúlveda
  • Erwin Krauskopf
  • Pablo Valenzuela
  • Alfredo Molina
  • Nicolas Ferreira

Executive Staff:

  • COO: Diego Belmar
  • CTO: Nicolás Ferreira