Zentynel Ltda. has spun off from Fundación Ciencia & Vida in December 2011 as a boutique consultant firm for business development and fund raising. The company aims to help bio-entrepreneurs in their fund raising and business development activities. It works on a win-win, risk-sharing proposition, where Zentynel gets paid only if it successfully closes a round of funding or a commercial deal on behalf of its clients. The management team behind Zentynel has the right combination of industrial experience and valuable international contacts that can improve the chances of financing and closing deals in the biotechnological and biomedical arena.

Last year we reported that this biotech business development and consultancy company was in the process of conversion to a Venture Capital Fund. This upgrade did not take place because the general fund management company was not able to raise the capital it needed to create the fund. Hence, the creation of the VC fund has been postponed until further notice.