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Fundación’s outstanding participation during 14th National Science and Technnology Week

November 12, 2008: In the framework of the activities carried out during the National Science and Technology Week organized by Conicyt’s Explora Program, Fundación welcomed fifty high school students last week, who visited the Technology Park labs to observe experiments and attended a lecture delivered by the researchers Esteban Engel, Erwin Krauskopf and Vivian Wilhelm, who introduced them […]

With great success the Seventh Workshop on Genetic Engineering was carried out at the Fundación

: Opinion leaders from several national enterprises and government, met once again at the Auditorium Enrique Méndez of Foundation Ciencia para la Vida between the 16th and 18th of October, to attend to the VII Workshop on Genetic Engineering and its applications in Biotechnology. For three days the seventeen participants dressed their lab coats to carry […]

Dr. Jean Luc Darlix visits the Fundación

October 22, 2008: Dr. Jean Luc Darlix, an eminent virologist from the LaboRetro of the Unity for Human Virology of the National Institute of Health and Medical Investigation (INSERM), Lyon, France visited Fundación for the second time. The work of Dr. Darlix is dedicated to understand the structure and replication of the HIV and hepatitis C viruses and […]

New state-of-the-art cell sorter is available for contract research at Fundación Ciencia para la Vida

October 14, 2008: The Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter (FACS) facility is a machine that can rapidly analyze and separate cells in a suspension on the basis of size or fluorescence. Fundación Ciencia para la Vida has invested in this facility to provide researchers access to an operational three-laser flow cytometer and to assist with computer data collection and […]

FCV’s Business Director gives lecture at Biolatina 2008 in Sao Paulo

October 7, 2008: Last Tuesday September 30th, Fundación’s Business Director, Cristian Hernandez gave a lecture at the BioEntrepreneurship Forum of Biolatina 2008, in Sao Paulo. Mr. Hernandez was invited by the AMSUD-PASTEUR Foundation to talk to the Latin-American Bioentrepreneurial  community about the experience and models Fundación Ciencia para la Vida has developed in Chile to become a validated […]

Nobel Prize Laureate Robert Huber acknowledges the significance of the Science and Business environment found at the “Parque Tecnológico Zañartu”

October 1, 2008: Last Friday September 26, Nobel Prize laureate for Chemistry, Dr. Robert Huber gave a motivating lecture at the Enrique Méndez Auditorium of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida where he emphasized the importance of the undertaking in biotechnology carried out at the Park, declaring that “this is the kind of place where new companies dedicated to […]

Young Associated Researcher of Fundación is awarded the L’Oreal Prize

September 4, 2008: Last Tuesday September 2nd, the beauty and cosmetics company gave the renowned L’Oreal Prize to Daniela Sauma, a PhD student at the Faculty of Science at the University of Chile, who is being co-supervised by the Immunologist Dr. Maria Rosa Bono and by the Executive Director of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, Dr. Mario Rosemblatt. […]

Head of Conicyt’s Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence visited Fundación

August 26, 2008: Last Friday August 22, Mrs Jani Brouwer and her team from Conicyt’s Scientific and Technological Centers of Excellence (STCE) program visited Fundación Ciencia para la Vida (FCV) in order to learn, in first hand, about the activities being carried out at FCV. The Conicyt officials met with a group of Senior Researchers and Dr. Pablo […]

Australian expert in the use of Lupin in aquaculture nutrition gives a seminar at Fundación

August 20, 2008: Last Thursday, August 14, Dr. Brett Glencross, international expert in the use of lupin in aquaculture nutrition, gave the seminar “Lupin application in aquaculture feed” at the auditorium Enrique Mendez of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida. Glencross came to Chile as a keynote speaker at the first International Workshop of CGNA, which took place in […]

Chilean Diplomats visit Fundación

: As part of the training of Chilean scientific attachés, a group of Chilean diplomats visited FCV last Thursday 14th August. They were welcomed by Drs.Mario Rosemblatt and Pablo Valenzuela, who presented the research that is being carried out at Fundación and gave them a general overview of what is being done in biotechnology in Chile. The […]

Vice President of Medivation visits Fundación

August 15, 2008: As part of the 2008 activities organized by Medivation Inc., Dr. Andrew Protter, Medivation’s Vice President for Preclinical Development, met last Wednesday 13th with the research group directed by Dr. Sebastian Bernales and visited the lab that this biotechnology company has at the Fundación Ciencia para la Vida.

Fundación researchers awarded innovation project

August 12, 2008: On Tuesday August 5, InnovaChile (CORFO) announced the official results of its call for proposals in the “Mining Cluster”, awarding a project to be co-executed by the Fundación Ciencia para la Vida (FCV) under the direction of  Drs. Raquel Quatrini and David Holmes, together with the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN) and BHPBilliton, one of […]

Renowned neurobiologist visits Fundación

August 11, 2008: In order to expand its collaborative networks on Thursday, August 7, Fundación Ciencia para la Vida welcomed the visit of Dr. Luis Aguayo, director of the Center for Biomedicine at the University of Concepcion (CIAB) and founder of the biotech company Patagonia Neuroactive. Dr. Aguayo came with his colleagues, Jorge Fuentealba, PhD in Pharmacology and Leonardo Guzman, […]

Keynote lecture of leading Chilean Scientist at Fundación

August 6, 2008: This Thursday August 7 at 16:30 pm. in FCV’s auditorium, Dr. Luis G. Aguayo, Director of the Center for Biomedicine at the University of Concepcion (CIAB) and founder of the biotechnology company Patagonia Neuroactive will give an open lecture titled “Identification of Chilean neuroactive molecules for biopharmaceutical use”.

Fundación’s Executive Director gives lecture to school students in Santiago

July 15, 2008: Last Thursday July 3rd, Dr. Mario Rosemblatt, Executive Director of Fundación, gave a talk on immunology to school students from various districts in the metropolitan area. Dr. Rosemblatt’s talk, titled “La Patrulla Celular” (The cell patrol) aimed to bring immunology closer to school students from 7 th to 10th grade. His lecture took place in […]