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Cell Biology Course organized by Fundación Ciencia & Vida and Institut Curie finalizes with great success and strengthens the relationship between both institutions

January 31, 2018: The intensive Cell Biology Course “Seeking a creative approach for current challenges” organized by Fundación Ciencia & Vida and Institut Curie (Paris, France) took place between January 22 and 26, 2018, at Fundación. Prominent researchers from France and Chile and 47 postgraduate students coming from diverse institutions in France, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil […]

Professor Luis Burzio, Head of the Laboratory of Non-coding RNAs & Cancer at Fundación Ciencia & Vida, was nominated to the Royal Society of Medicine (UK)

August 18, 2017: With deep pride and great joy, we wish to share the news of the appointment of Professor Luis Burzio as an International Member of the Royal Society of Medicine (UK). Professor Burzio receives this well-deserved recognition for his remarkable contribution to science and medicine becoming the first Latin American scientist to receive this remarkable award. […]

Andes Biotechnologies was awarded a CORFO grant

August 7, 2017: Andes Biotechnologies is a leading nucleic acid-based drug discovery and development company specializing in solid tumor cancers. Currently established at our Science & Business Park, the company branched off of GrupoBios and Fundación Ciencia & Vida in 2008. Recently, Andes Biotechnologies was awarded a CORFO grant for their project “Preliminary efficacy studies of the drug […]

Fundación Ciencia & Vida collaborates with the National Library of Chile in an initiative to gather the work of pioneers in Chilean science

July 14, 2017: One of the aims embraced by Fundación Ciencia & Vida is to contribute to the building of a scientific culture in Chile. We often forget that scientific work is intimately intertwined with the history of our country. That is why we seek to give visibility to Chilean science and its main characters through a new […]

Episode of the TV Series “Exploradores: del átomo al cosmos” (“Explorers: from the atom to the cosmos”) is dedicated to Fundación Ciencia & Vida

May 5, 2017: With the aim of illustrating the impact of local research in our society as well as beyond our borders, the science TV series “Exploradores: del átomo al cosmos” invites audiences to learn about scientific research carried out by Chilean Research Centers working in a diversity of fields such as biomedicine, engineering, psychotherapy, and astronomy, among […]

Springer Nature Publishing Academy Workshop: “Understanding and writing impactful research papers: Chile’s first author training workshop for clinicians and life science researchers brought to you by the publishers of Nature”

March 31, 2017: Fundación Ciencia & Vida together with Springer Nature Publishing Academy and Merk announces the first author-training workshop for clinician and life science researchers to be held on Friday April 7th at the Fundación (Zañartu 1482 – Ñuñoa). This “How to Publish” step by step Journal author tutorial guides scientist through manuscript preparation, as well as […]

Fundación Ciencia & Vida launches the third season of the successful TV Series “Mentes Brillantes”

March 27, 2017: At an event in our Science and Business Park, Fundación will launch on April 5th, a new season of the documentary series “Mentes Brillantes”. This popular series portraits the life and work of Chilean National Science Award winners, who have left an indelible mark on national and international science. After the success of the two […]

Soledad Matus, Ph.D., joins Fundación Ciencia & Vida

March 17, 2017: Fundación Ciencia & Vida is pleased to welcome Soledad Matus as Head of the Laboratory of Biology of Neurodegeneration. A graduate in Biochemistry, Dr. Matus earned her Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology from P. Universidad Católica de Chile. She completed her Postdoctoral training on the effect of cellular stress responses on the progression of […]

With great success our ImaginaCiencia team carried out Molecular Gastronomy workshops for high school teachers

January 26, 2017: During January 2017, the ImaginaCiencia team from Fundación Ciencia & Vida carried out “Cocina Molecular para el Aula” (“Molecular Gastronomy for the Classroom”) successfully. This project, funded by the Explora CONICYT Project for the Popularization of Science and Technology 2015-2016, consisted of a theoretical and practical workshop aimed at science and gastronomy teachers, with the […]

Phage Technologies will benefit from Corfo’s Scale Up-Expansion program

January 11, 2017: Phage Technologies is a biotech start-up company that spun-off from our Science and Business Park. It discovers and develops novel uses of bacteriophages as feed and food supplements in order to prevent bacterial contamination. Phage Tech’s flagship product is Milkeeper S, a carefully selected cocktail of phages that prevent the colonization of the digestive tract […]

Dr. Peter Friedland and Dr. Michael Martínez, researchers at the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research, visited Fundación Ciencia & Vida

January 10, 2017: Peter Friedland is an independent technology strategist and consultant acting as scientific advisor to the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR). Dr. Friedland is a Fellow of the American Association of Artificial Intelligence, and a recipient of the NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal and the Feigenbaum Intermational Medal for Expert Systems Applications. His career has […]

Álvaro Lladser, Head of the Gene Immunotherapy Lab at Fundación Ciencia & Vida, received new award from CONICYT

December 20, 2016: Dr. Álvaro Lladser, the Head of our Gene Immunotherapy Lab, has been recently awarded a FONDEF IDeA in Two Stages research grant from Conicyt to execute his project entitled “Genetic engineering of T lymphocytes with chimeric receptors for the development of immunotherapies against cancer”. The objective behind the IDeA (Research and Development in Action) in […]

Fundación Ciencia y Vida and Editorial Catalonia launch a new collection of books of scientific popularization

December 2, 2016: In an event teeming with young scientists and students, Fundación Ciencia & Vida together with Editorial Catalonia, launched on November 30th the Ciencia & Vida Collection, aimed at gathering a series of assays to encourage a public discussion on the value of science as well as to promote scientific popularization. With the first title “Manifiesto […]

The Third World Academy of Sciences awarded Pablo Valenzuela, Scientific Director and Cofounder of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, the “Regional Prize for Building Scientific Institutions 2016”

November 30, 2016: The Third World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) announced the awarding of the “Regional Prize for Building Scientific Institutions 2016” to Dr. Pablo Valenzuela. This Prize, awarded every three years, is a special recognition to people who have played an important role in the formation of scientific institutions in third world countries. TWAS is a global […]

Alberto Rodríguez-Navarro, founder of Levita Magnetics, visits Fundación Ciencia & Vida

November 23, 2016: Alberto Rodríguez-Navarro, founder and CEO of Levita Magnetics, is a minimally invasive general surgeon with more than 10 years of clinical experience and publications in international journals, especially in the field of post-operatory pain. In a Special Seminar to be held this Monday, November 28, he will present the history of his company to investigators […]