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Check out our new YouTube channel!!!

September 26, 2016: Fundación Ciencia & Vida created a new YouTube channel with audiovisual material developed by its several programs that now will be freely available through internet, and on a single platform. We have uploaded more than 100 science videos for kids, bio-entrepreneurs and the community at large! As a part of our commitment to improve science […]

Newspaper La Tercera interviews Pablo Rosenblatt, Director of our Eureka Program.

September 15, 2016: Local newspaper La Tercera recently published an article about Pablo Rosenblatt, Director of the Eureka Program of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, highlightening his prolific career as a science communicator. In the interview, Rosenblatt tells about the events that led him to leave his work as a scientist in the laboratory to begin a creative work […]

Ingalfarma joins the pool of companies associated with Fundación’s Science and Business Park

September 7, 2016: Ingalfarma is a biomedical company that develops innovative treatments aimed at solving complex oral pathologies. Its mission is to reinstate the value of oral health in the biopharmaceutical industry. Dentoxol is Ingalfarma’s flagship product; an advanced mouthwash designed for the prevention and control of oral mucositis, a disabling and painful pathology that generates ulcerative lesions […]

The symposium “Biología en el Siglo XXI: Sociedad, genes e ideas” gathered more than 100 people at Fundación Ciencia & Vida

July 28, 2016: On Friday, July 22, the symposium for non-scientific public “Biología en el Siglo XXI: Sociedad, genes e ideas” (“Biology in the XXIst Century: Society, genes, and ideas”) was held at Fundación Ciencia & Vida. This event, organized by nine young scientists, ranging from undergraduate students to postdocs, was the closing experience of the course “Comunicación […]

Sebastián Bernales, Head of our Translational Research Lab, was invited to participate at the first meeting of ChileGlobal Biotec. Read about his views on the growth of biotechnology in Chile.

July 22, 2016: Sebastián Bernales, head of the Translational Research Lab at Fundación Ciencia & Vida, participated, together with several other Chileans with outstanding national and international biotechnology projects, in the first meeting of ChileGlobal Biotec in San Francisco, California. ChileGlobal Biotec is an initiative that involves the making of a network of Chilean professionals and entrepreneurs linked […]

Fundación Ciencia & Vida receives the visit of a group of students and professors from Universidad de La Frontera

June 28, 2016: On Thursday June 23 we were visited by a group of fifth-year biochemistry students and two professors from Universidad de La Frontera (UFRO) located at the southern city of Temuco. The objective of this visit was to present them different aspects of Fundación Ciencia & Vida for possible collaborations, research opportunities, internships or theses topics […]

TV series produced by the Eureka Program were included in the “Televisión para todos” project

June 15, 2016: Four productions of the Eureka Program from Fundación Ciencia & Vida have been included in the “Televisión para todos” (“Television for everyone”) project. The Eureka Program’s productions selected for this project are the animated series “Las Aventuras de Ruka”, focused on a boy exploring the Chilean underwater world; and the documentary series “La Fuerza del […]

The ImaginaCiencia team gets funding from Explora CONICYT to teach science through a Molecular Gastronomy project

June 6, 2016: “Cocina Molecular para el Aula” (“Molecular Gastronomy for the Classroom”) is the name of the project awarded to the ImaginaCiencia team from Fundación Ciencia & Vida in the XXth Explora CONICYT National Contest for the Popularization of Science and Technology 2015-2016. This project consists of a theoretical and practical workshop aimed at high school science […]

Pablo Valenzuela is voted as the most admired Chilean scientist

May 23, 2016: In a recent open-ended survey conducted by the Chilean newspaper La Segunda, Dr. Pablo Valenzuela, Scientific Director and Cofounder of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, was chosen by opinion leaders as the most admired Chilean scientist. Chantal Signorio, political scientist and founder and Director of Fundación Puerto de Ideas, attributes this result to the outstanding work […]

Mario Rosemblatt, Executive Director of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, was invited by Fundación Puerto de Ideas to participate at the “III Festival de la Ciencia de Antofagasta”

April 20, 2016: Dr. Rosemblatt, a recognized Chilean immunologist, participated in a special panel with high-school teachers aimed at examining the new strategies used in the teaching of science to high-school students. Using the immunology game Xentinelas Xelulares and a Physiology and Anatomy simulator both developed by the Foundation’s Eureka team, Dr. Rosemblatt engaged teachers in a lively […]

The ImaginaCiencia team from Fundación Ciencia & Vida received a special commendation from PAR Explora Sur Poniente for their collaboration during the years 2014 and 2015

April 11, 2016: During the closing ceremony of the “Proyecto Asociativo Regional (PAR) Explora Sur Poniente 2013-2015”, headed by Ms. Margarita Toledo from Universidad del Pacífico Melipilla, the ImaginaCiencia team from our Foundation received an honorable mention for their dedication to science communication. Through motivational speeches intended at stimulating the curiosity and amazement of school students and adults, […]

Pablo Valenzuela, Scientific Director and Cofounder of Fundación Ciencia & Vida, delivered the 2016 Inaugural Address at Universidad San Sebastián

April 3, 2016: The renowned biochemist and entrepreneur Pablo Valenzuela was invited by Universidad San Sebastián to give a master class in the opening ceremony of the 2016 academic year. The ceremony was held on March 29th in the Auditorium of Campus Los Leones. During his talk, entitled “Impacto de la Investigación en Biociencias en la Práctica Profesional […]

Carolina Torrealba was invited as speaker in science communication events at Universidad de Concepción

March 30, 2016: With the aim of promoting scientific awareness in the society and creating links between people who have interest in science communication, Divulgociencia and Universidad de Concepción launched the first scientific-literary contest “Tinta en el Matraz”, and Dr. Carolina Torrealba was the invited speaker of the ceremony. The event took place last March 23th in the […]

uBiome, a San Francisco-based biotech company, initiated activities at Fundación Ciencia & Vida’s Science and Business Park

December 21, 2015: uBiome is a biotechnology company based in San Francisco, California, USA, that provides sequencing services to explore an individual’s microbiome. On December 16th, 2015 it opened a branch at the Science and Business Park of Fundación Ciencia & Vida. Human microbiota performs essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins. Studies have also linked […]

David Holmes received the “Life Time Achievement Award” from the Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia for his contributions to biohydrometallurgy

December 15, 2015: Dr. David Holmes, director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Genome Biology at Fundación Ciencia & Vida, was honored with the “Life Time Achievement Award” at the International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium (IBS) organized by the Bandung Institute of Technology in Indonesia. The IBS, held biannually since 1977, is an exciting international forum that addresses the many […]