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Ciencia & Vida Celebrates 10 Years Teaching Science to Chilean Opinion Leaders

September 26, 2014: With the completion of “XII Workshop of Genetic Engineering for Opinion Leaders” Fundación Ciencia & Vida celebrated 10 years teaching science to Chile’s most influential leaders. Through this workshop, Fundación Ciencia & Vida has managed to persuade more than 200 national leaders from the economic, political, cultural and business worlds to put on a labcoat […]

Phage Technologies and the milk business.

September 15, 2014: The start-up leaded by young entrepreneurs and researchers Hans Pieringuer, Diego Belmar and Nicolas Ferreira was recently interviewed in the August issue of the milk industry magazine DLeche, highlighting their innovative “Milkeeper”, a product developed to prevent and control the Infectious Diarrheic Syndrome of young calf. In the interview the young entrepreneur illustrate the multiples […]

Lab4U: A lab in your pocket

August 12, 2014: Winner of the “Desafio Intel 2014” Prize for young talented entrepreneurs, Lab4U comes to life. Developed by one of our students, Kamal Dadlani and a team of students and young professionals, the award winner Lab4U uses your Smartphone or Tablet to provide students and teachers with a new approach to science education. With build-in sensors […]

Researchers from Ciencia & Vida Receive Important Award at the “Next Waves in Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting”

: A Poster describing the latest research advances of Alvaro Lladser, head of the Laboratory of Gene Immunotherapy and his Doctoral Student Nicole Rojas-Colonelli, won important Price at the “Next Waves in Cancer Immunotherapy Meeting” recently held in Germany The main scope of 2014 Meeting of the International Association for Cancer Immunotherapy was centered in the […]

“Tu ConCiencia”, a different way of talking about science

June 19, 2014: By José Ignacio Mansilla The activities consist of short talks 7 minutes each aimed at students, their teachers, counselors and parents. Eight young researchers of Fundación Ciencia & Vida reveal, from a personal and intimate standpoint what science means to them and what it means to do science in our country. Each speaker tells a […]

Pablo Valenzuela earned UC San Francisco’s highest honor “for advancing health worldwide”

May 10, 2014: Interim Chancellor Sam Hawgood, bestowed the UCSF Medal to four internationally renowned innovators and leaders – among them Dr. Pablo Valenzuela – for outstanding contributions in areas associated with UCSF’s mission to “advance health worldwide” at the 2014 Founders Day banquet. The celebration occurred at the San Francisco Palace Hotel on the evening of April […]

Fundación Ciencia & Vida releases second part of documentary series Mentes Brillantes II (Outstanding Minds)

May 7, 2014: Following the success of the first season, which was distributed by several television channels and sold in the US and Argentina, Fundación premiered the television series “Mentes Brillantes II” (Outstanding Minds II), a co-production of the Eureka Program of Fundación Ciencia & Vida and Imago Producciones with the support of UCV Televisión and the National […]

Cambridge Connection Santiago 2014: bonds between Chilean and British entrepreneurs

March 10, 2014: By: José Ignacio Mansilla Cambridge Connection Santiago 2014 is the second version of the forum that was held for the first time in Singapour, 2013. In this occasion, the meeting took place in different places of Santiago and Valparaiso, March 10-16. This event was sponsored by several technological companies and Chilean research centers, and was […]

15 Years of Ciencia & Vida

December 16, 2013: By: Jose Ignacio Mansilla Ciencia 360°, Una estrategia para el desarrollo (Science 360°, A strategy to development) was the name that Fundación Ciencia & Vida gave to the celebration of 15 years of progresses in this matter. This explains why 10 renowned lecturers from California, which included experts on biotechnological entrepreneurship, venture capital, education, and […]

Dr. Luis Burzio, researcher at Fundación Ciencia & Vida, was given the Santander Award 2013 for the best research to defeat cancer

November 17, 2013: By: José Ignacio Mansilla Luis Burzio, team leader of the group that develops new therapeutic strategies to defeat cancer at Fundación Ciencia & Vida’s laboratories and renowned professor at Universidad Andrés Bello won the first version of the Scientific Research Award Cancer Prevention and Cure – 2013 in the Senior Category, given by the Santander […]

The Biotech Tonics – Agosto 2013

August 2, 2013: Fundación Ciencia & Vida invites you to participate in The Biotech Tonics, a series of events looking to upgrade to the bio-entrepreneurs, scientists, entrepreneurs and students about the latest that is happening in different areas of the biotechnology industry, both in Chile and in the world. Check out the video of the first Biotech Tonic […]

The Special Workshop “Applications on Flow Cytometry” was a big success with an outstanding participation of the scientific community.

July 19, 2013: On Wednesday the 17th, the Special workshop “Applications on Flow Cytometry” was held with great success at Fundación Ciencia & Vida. More than 120 scientists and students from different institutions in Santiago (Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica, UNAB, USACH, ISP) and regions (Universidad Austral, Universidad de Concepción) attended to the conference. Paz Reyes (PhD), Director […]

Fundacion is proud to support Encuentros 2013 in Boston

June 27, 2013: Fundación is a proud sponsor of an energetic group of Chileans that are inspired by innovation. The Encuentros Conferences are motivated by the desire to create connections that are producing a one in a lifetime opportunity to network with Chilean key players in varying fields and schools of thought. The Encuentros 2013 Boston will be […]

Xentinelas Xelulares: First prize at the Comkids Prix Jeneusse Iberoamericano international festival, Brazil 2013

June 13, 2013: The educational videogame Xentinelas Xelulares, designed by The Eureka Program of Fundacion Ciencia & Vida, was awarded with the first prize in the “Games” category at the ComKids Prix Jeneusse Iberoamericano International Festival. This prize, awarded by Cartoon Network, comes after winning the first prize awarded last year at the XVIII International Competition of Medical, […]

InVitae establishes an international subsidiary and state-of-the art genetic testing facility in chile, at Fundación Ciencia & Vida

May 30, 2013: InVitae Corporation announced the establishment of a South American subsidiary, InVitae Chile SpA, and a partnership with biotechnology pioneer, Pablo Valenzuela and the Fundación Ciencia & Vida, to establish a production facility in Santiago, Chile. Dr. Valenzuela is a well-known biotechnology entrepreneur who co-founded Chiron in 1981 and the Fundacion in 1997. The new entity […]