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Successful keynote lecture of Fundación at the Encuentros 2010 Conference

August 5, 2010: Dr. Pablo Valenzuela, Director of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida , gave a keynote lecture at the renowned 2010 Encuentros Conference that took place from August 4-6 at the University of Cambridge, England. The Encuentros Conferences aim to create spaces for collaboration among Chilean researchers residing abroad with investigators, businessmen, government authorities and Academics in Chile. The […]

Successful keynote lecture of Fundacion’s Center for Bioinformatics at XXVII ANEB’s Congress

August 4, 2010: Dr. David Holmes, Director of the Center for Bioinformatics and Genome Biology (CBGB) from Fundación gave a keynote lecture at the XXVII Congress of the Chilean Asociation of Students of Biochemistry (ANEB) that took place between August 4 to 7 in Antofagasta, Chile. The title of his presentation was: “What makes us human? Surprises from your genome.”

Research Fellow from the European Neuroscience Institute presents the latest advances in Nanoscopy at Fundación

June 25, 2010: Nanoscopic Microscopy, also known as Nanoscopy has allowed a significant progress in imaging of smaller structures of the body, such as the synaptic vesicles. Dr. Felipe Opazo, research fellow of the European Neuroscience Institute (ENI) in Göttingen, Germany, visited Fundación Ciencia para la Vida as part of the “Chile invita a Chile” program, which aims […]

Harvard Medical School’s Research Fellow gives keynote lecture on dendritic cells at Fundación

May 5, 2010: Dr. Roberto Maldonado, Posdoctoral Fellow at the medical school of Harvard University, visited Fundación last Friday April 16th, where he gave the lecture:“Induced tolerogenic dendritic cells initiate tolerance and de novo differentiation of regulatory T cells”. Dr. Maldonado has developed his career in research, both in Europe and in the USA. He left his native […]

Professor Mark Young from the University of Montana gave a keynote lecture at Fundación

March 30, 2010: Professor Young from the Thermal Biology Institute at Montana State University, USA visited the Fundación last Friday March 12th. On that occasion he gave a keynote lecture titled “New insights into the biochemistry, ecology and evolution of Archaeal viruses”. The professor’s visit is part of a collaborative project run in conjunction with the Universidad Católica del Norte and BHP Billiton, which is […]

The Third Edition of the Multimedia Workshop for Teachers 2010 finishes successfully

February 8, 2010: The Scientific Educative Multimedia Workshops for Teachers conducted by the Eureka Program of the Fundación Ciencia para la Vida, ended on a positive note. This activity aims to promote science in the classrooms in an attractive and enjoyable way in addition to promoting and improving the education tools for science teachers in secondary schools, improving the educator’s […]

Pablo Valenzuela was awarded the degree of Doctor Scientiae Et Honoris Causa

December 15, 2009: With a traditional three-bell–ring, the ceremony that conferred Dr. Pablo Valenzuela the degree of Doctor Scientiae et Honoris Causa by Universidad San Sebastián was initiated last Thursday December 10th. As recognition of his outstanding scientific career both nationally and internationally, Dr. Valenzuela was invested with the highest honor that universities can bestow: the degree of Doctor Scientiae Et Honoris […]

Nobel Laureate participates in Fundación’s Science and Friendship Conference

December 11, 2009: As every year, Fundación has organized its popular Conference “Science and Friendship: The North Meets the South”, where scientists from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) interact with researchers from the Instituto Milenio MIFAB and Fundación for seven days in Santiago. This year Fundación Ciencia para la Vida welcomed a delegation of nearly 30 doctoral students […]

FCV’s Eureka program receives international recognition

November 18, 2009: The successful science promotion program “Eureka” keeps adding awards to its trophies’ shelf. This time Eureka won the 2nd prize in the category “Medical Training” at the Seventh International Medical and Scientific Film Festival VIDEOMED CORDOBA 2009. The awarded piece was the interactive DVD “Virtual Laboratory of Genetic Engineering,” produced by Dr. Vivian Wilhelm, Fundación’s Senior Associate and Eureka’s […]

Winner of the best doctoral thesis in 2009 gives a lecture at Fundación

November 16, 2009: As part of the “Chile invita a Chile” program Fundación welcomed Dr. Raul Elgueta, who delivered the lecture “Modulators of the survival of lymphocytes B and plasma cells”. Dr. Elgueta received the award for best Ph.D. dissertation in the last twenty-first Annual Meeting of the Society of Cell Biology of Chile, held in the town of […]

Fundación’s CBGB delegation participates at international bioinformatics conference in Mexico

November 10, 2009: The Director of Fundación’s Center for Bioinformatics and Genome Biology, Dr. David Holmes, gave the opening address at the Bioinformatics and System Biology international conference of the joint RIB-EMBnet, held in Cancun, Mexico, October 26th – 29th, 2009. The title of his talk was: “The exigencies of life at pH 1: evolution on earth and extra-terrestrial life signatures”. […]

Two researchers from Fundación are elected among the 100 Young Chilean Leaders of 2009

November 3, 2009: Rodrigo Pacheco and Daniela Sauma were selected as part of the “100 Young Chilean Leaders” of this year. The selection was conducted by Revista Sábado of El Mercurio newspaper in conjunction with the Center for Strategic Leadership of Adolfo Ibañez University. Each year a hundred people are chosen because they have undertaken a nationally relevant role […]

Renowned researcher from Umea University gave a seminar at Fundación

October 20, 2009: Dr. Mark Dopson, of the Department of Molecular Biology, Umea University, Sweden is visiting the Fundación Ciencia para la Vida under the auspices of the Fondecyt project 1090457 of Dr. David Holmes, Director of the Center of Bioinformatics and Genome Biology. He presented a seminar at the Fundación on Monday, October 19 entitled: “Microbial Ecology of […]

Dr. Marta Valdez, Director of CENIBiot (Costa Rica), visits Fundación

: Since Tuesday 13th of October the biotechnology activity in Costa Rica is no longer an unknown subject for the members of Fundación Ciencia para la Vida. That day, Dr. Marta Valdez presented the work that she is supervising at the National Center for Biotechnology Innovations of Costa Rica (CENIBiot). Dr. Valdez and her team visited renowned research […]

Fundación opened its doors to over 100 school students during Science Week

October 19, 2009: As part of Science Week, organized by the Explora program of the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, CONICYT, Fundación Ciencia para la Vida was visited by two local schools: The Merryland School from Puente Alto and the Andrée English School from la Reina council. Nicolás Torres, a school student from the Merryland School in Puente Alto, knew little about science but was thrilled to visit the laboratories, “in addition […]