Cancer is a highly prevalent and deadly disease. Conventional oncological treatments have devastating adverse side effects and are not curative in advanced stages of the disease. We investigate Cancer Immunotherapy, a novel approach that aims to activate the patients’ own immune system, namely cytotoxic T cells, to attack and ultimately eliminate tumors. In particular, we study long-lived “memory” cytotoxic T cells, which can provide long-lasting protection against primary tumors as well as disseminated metastasis. Our research focuses on how to stimulate memory cytotoxic T cells by either using Vaccinesor manipulating these cells in the laboratory and re-injecting them back into patients, so-called Adoptive T Cell Therapy.


Research Head: Álvaro Lladser

Research Associate: Vincenzo Borgna, MD, PhD

Doctoral students: Evelyn Menares • Sofía Hidalgo • Diego Figueroa

Undergraduate students: Ornella Chovar • Pablo Cáceres • Javiera Gómez • Juan Saavedra

Research assistants: Eduardo Roa • Ximena Díaz


National Collaborations:
• Dr. Rodrigo Pacheco (Fundación Ciencia & Vida). We are studying how the dopaminergic regulation of cytotoxic CD8+ T cells and dendritic cells affects the antitumor immune response.
• Dr. Daniela Sauma (Faculty of Science, Universidad de Chile). We are studying the role of CD39 and CD73 in the stemness of memory CD8+ T-cells.
• Dr. Manuel Varas (Faculty of Medicine, Universidad de los Andes). We are developing novel tumor models to accurately study the involvement of CD8+ T cells in antitumor immunity.
• Dr. Flavio Salazar (Faculty of Medicine, Universidad de Chile). We are developing T cell-based immunotherapies that can be used in the clinic.
• Dr. Fabiola Osorio (Faculty of Medicine, Universidad de Chile). We collaborate on basic aspects of antigen cross-presentation in antitumor immune responses.

International Collaborations:
• Dr. Rolf Kiessling (Karolinska Institute, Sweden). We have a vast collaboration on developing novel T cell-based vaccines and immunotherapies against cancer.
• Dr. Sergio Quezada (University College London, UK). We have a collaboration studying the dysfunction of memory CD8+ T cells in human tumors and preclinical models.
• Dr. Andreas Lundqvist (Karolinska Institute, Sweden). We have a collaboration to study the interplay between CD8+ T cells and NK cells in antitumor immunity.
• Dr. Eliane Piaggio (Curie Institute, France). We have a collaboration analyzing memory CD8+ T cells in human cancers.


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