Cellular and Molecular Immunology


The immune system is continually confronted with foreign invaders. Whether these invaders are bacteria, viruses or our own cells that no longer behave properly, the immune system is tasked with distinguishing between our healthy cells (self) and these invaders (non-self). The inability to distinguish between self and non-self can lead to tolerance, which is the lack of recognition of foreign invaders by the immune system, or autoimmunity, which is the recognition by the immune system of healthy cells as foreign, or to tolerance, which is the lack of recognition of foreign invaders by the immune system.

Our team is studying the immunological mechanisms that regulate the fine balance between immunity and tolerance. Our aim is to understand how the activation of dendritic cells (the main sentinels of the immune system) and regulatory T lymphocytes (the main regulator/suppressors of the immune response) can lead to protective immunity or to different pathologies such as autoimmune diseases and cancer. We hope to translate the mechanisms discovered in mouse models to improve human health. Our research covers several major areas of immunology, as organ transplantation, autoimmunity, immunosurveillance and cancer and immunity and tolerance in the gut.


Research Head: Mario Rosemblatt

Postdoctoral Fellows: Nicole Halçartegaray  • Gabriela Tejón

Doctoral students: Cristian Doñas


National Collaborations:
 Dr. María Rosa Bono and Dr. Daniela Sauma: Laboratorio de Inmunología , Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile
• Dr. Alberto Fierro: Clínica Las Condes

International Collaboration:
• Dr. Ana María Lennon: Institute Curie, Paris, France.


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