Molecular Virology


Viruses infect all domains of life and have an important role in public health and evolution. We follow basic questions related to the viral biology of infection, with special focus on the envelope proteins of viruses, which they use to enter cells. Therefore we use as model systems the human pathogenic hantaviruses and also membrane-containing archaeal viruses. For hantaviruses we have provided molecular insights into its virus: cell membrane fusion mechanism and characterized the organization and dynamics of the fusion protein Gc on the viral surface. For the design of vaccine and drug candidates we also focus on protective immune responses against hantavirus, using non-replicative virus-like particles developed previously by us. Based on our experience with the fusion protein of animal-infecting hantaviruses we have identified the fusion activity of enveloped halophilic archaeal viruses (pleolipoviruses). We expect that future mechanistic information will allow us to unveil how viruses modulate archaeal membranes in this yet poorly explored life domain.


Research Head: Nicole Tischler

Postdoctoral Fellows: Amelina Albornóz • Eduardo Bignon

Doctoral students: Fabián Figueroa • Nicolás Muena

Undergraduate students: Kevin Chou • Xavier Delbruyere • Diego Gonzalez


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